Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is included in our company’s services, as a significantly useful method to enhance brand awareness and promote your business across various communication channels. By applying a holistic search engine approach, we intend to profit as much as possible from your digital presence. 

An SEO campaign’s effectiveness is highly dependable on the way the cooperation between the agency and the client functions. For that reason, we never fail to maintain a close and strong professional relationship with each and every of our clients, throughout our entire collaboration. 

In Pavla S.A., we strongly believe that the desired results will only be achieved in the case of an SEO strategy being clearly oriented towards your target group and its areas of interest. Subsequently, we think of our impact to your ROI maximization as the result of our deep SEO knowledge.

Besides, that is the reason why we consider market analysis to be an integral part of our approach. Following the conduction of an exhaustive research regarding internet users’ common search terms that relate to your business and its products or services, our team commits to the use of various techniques in order to profit the most from those terms. As a result, we do not only expect a casual website traffic surge; instead, we guarantee that your profit will skyrocket. 

SEO Strategic Planning 

Having analyzed your website’s current traffic, we intend to compile a plan regarding your SEO strategy, based on current industry trends and your target audience’s preferences. The aforementioned plan combines a variety of individual SEO processes, such as:  

On-site optimisation

We vow to ensure your website’s optimization, including its content, meta tags and meta titles, navigation and structure, so that they are in accord with each time’s relevant search terms. 

Off-page SEO 

Another of our areas of specialization that will surely enhance your website’s content ranking, would be Off-page (or Off-site) SEO. As compared with our competitors, we are able to offer high quality links towards your page through third-party websites, that will actively improve your ranking. 

Local SEO

When consumers are looking to locate a certain product or service throughout a specified geographical area, the internet constantly provides them with fast and reliable solutions. Local SEO consists an easy and effective manner to enhance brand awareness and explore new paths towards profitability. 

Landing pages 

Our team is highly experienced in the development of landing pages that apply various keyword combinations, in an effort to capture search engine users’ attention. Carefully structured and user-friendly websites will enrich your content and successfully resonate with your target audience. 

SEO & Content Marketing Strategy 

Content creation and publication will boost your website towards achieving a higher search engine ranking. On our part, we will commit to the development and implementation of an SEO and Content Marketing Strategy that will outsmart search engines’ artificial intelligence and bring new sales leads through your website’s content. 

Success is a few clicks away!