The average smart phone user will spend more than 2 hours on their device each day. They will also have anywhere between 60 to 90 apps on their phone and use at least 6 apps per day.

The amount of time that people spend on their phone presents an incredible opportunity to organisations, business owners and entrepreneurs. By creating a useful or entertaining smart phone app, you can capture the attention of the general public — making a profit, sharing useful services or promoting your business.

But how much does it cost to build a smartphone app? The cost can vary substantially based on the platform that you are building the app on and the precise functionality that the app includes. In this article, we will explain the factors that will affect the cost of an iOS or Android app and give you an estimate of the total cost.

Benefits of building mobile app

Before we discuss the cost of building an iOS or Android app, let’s take a quick look at the advantages of having one.

Apps can create new revenue streams

Useful mobile applications can be sold to consumers to create another revenue stream for your business. Alternately, you can give app away for free and use in-app purchases to create a revenue stream. They can also be used to promote or sell products and services that you offer in the real world.

Apps can dramatically increase user engagement

Apps can be used to engage with customers in exciting new ways. You can be used to take reservations, send alerts, provide support services, promote exclusive offers, run loyalty programmes, and much more. Having an app can completely change the way you do business and communicate with customers.

Providing more value to your customers

Your business or organisation can create a useful mobile app that helps smartphone users in some way. This can trigger a social psychology concept called “reciprocity”. The customer will believe you have given them something useful for free and is compelled to return the favour by purchasing a product from you or exhibiting brand loyalty.

Build a stronger brand

Android and iOS apps help your brand to become more widely known and improves your enterprise’s reputation.

How much does an iOS or Android app cost?

The cost of building an iOS or Android app will vary depending on your precise requirements. Essentially, the more functionality you have in your app, the higher the total cost.

The number of platforms that you want your app to run on is also factor. If you want to have apps for both iOS and Android phones, it will be more time consuming and expensive to produce.

The cost of developing a basic app will be anywhere between €2,500 to €10,000. This represents the cost of:

  • Meetings with project designers, programmers, and designers
  • Creation of wireframe, specifications, and milestone documents
  • User interface design
  • App programming
  • Graphic design
  • Testing and bug fixing
  • Having the app approved on its target platform
  • Rolling the app out

However, the cost will change based on certain factors, including:

Will people have to login?

If your application requires users to register or login, development and testing time will be extended. You will have the option of having a user registration system, where people create an account using their email or a social media login system, where they login via Facebook or another social media platform. Adding a login system to your app can add approximately €1,000 to the cost of your app.

Will users create personal profiles?

If you want users to have the ability to create complex personal profiles, cost will increase again. That’s because developers will need to create the user interfaces, forms, and databases necessary to collect and store this information. There will also be additional work required to ensure the app remains secure when collecting and storing user information. Dating apps and apps that support online communities often require personal profile creation sections. This functionality can add about €1,000 to the cost of your app.

How will the app be monetised?

There are multiple options for monetising an app. The simplest options are to charge for the app in the app store or to give the app away for free. Another alternative would be to have in-app purchases or certain features that require payment. Creating the systems that accept in-app payments can further extend development time and increase the cost of the app by anywhere between €1,000 and €2,000. You may also require in-app eCommerce functionality with a shopping cart, which will increase the cost of your app further.

Will it contain a rating system?

Ratings systems are useful for many types of apps. Perhaps you want to allow users to rate products or give their opinion on an article. Adding this type of functionality can increase the cost of an app by about €1,000.

Does your app interact with other websites or APIs?

If your application uses data from sources like external websites, application programming interfaces (APIs), or external databases, it will also increase its cost. Working with external data requires additional programming and security checks. It can cost a lot more for this functionality.

How visually sophisticated is the app?

Smart phone apps can have designs that range from barebones to visually stunning. A barebones app will have a simple user interface and a strong focus on the functionality of the app. Visually stunning apps might include advanced user interfaces, animations, and detailed graphics. A more elaborate visual design can add between €1,000 to €2,000 to the price of an app.

If you are interested in creating an iOS or Android game, it can be far more expensive depending on nature of the game. If it requires enhanced reality or advanced graphics, the app may require many months of development time and cost well above €50,000.

Does your app have an icon?

Having an eye-catching icon is essential for any iOS or Android app. If you already have an attractive icon designed, we will simply add that to the app. At the most, it will take our team an hour or two to ensure the icon is in the correct format and perfectly presented for both iOS and Android users.

However, if you require a new icon, one of our talented designers will have to create it. Depending on the complexity of your icon, this can add anywhere between €500 to €1,000 to the cost of your application.

Where you get your app developed

Apps built by very large app development companies can cost as much as 10 times more than an app developed by a small-to-medium sized business. This is because of the additional overheads that large businesses have. The advantage of going with a larger company is that there is a larger talent pool of employees who can contribute to your app.

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