We provide fast, reliable and secure web hosting services, for personal or professional use. We offer a wide variety of hosting plans from out secure, state-of-the art data centres. We always enjoy helping clients gain their digital presence and we take great pride in the performance of our hosting assets.

In case you are in the process of moving an existing website to our hosting, we will work closely with your current web hosting provider to ensure all server and database files are securely transferred, avoiding data breaches.

Why Use Our Hosting Services?

Website Optimisation

We are able to improve your website’s speed and reliability, while reducing its load speed by three times and avoiding service disruptions. Pavla S.A. also offers the ability to increase concurrent users, without your website speed being affected.

Storage Systems

Pavla S.A. can provide your business with the Always On operation of highly reliable block level storage systems. 250.000 IOPS, DUAL Independent Hardware, up to 4GB/sec.


Fast and reliable database systems with Always On operation and timeline backups. Optimise different workloads to the current database. Mysql xtraDB cluster, Hadoop, Mongo DB, Sphinxsearch, Couchdb, Redis.

Cache Servers – CDN

Accelerate and secure your website using your own CDN. Enjoy the countless capabilities of varnish and nginx combined and benefit from the ultimate delivery method. Offload your SSL and balance efficiently requests to the backend server. HTTP2 and its speed are already here.

Disaster Recovery Systems

Split your data in two or more parts and have them saved in one or more than one places, securing your business and avoiding huge downtime and data loss.

Task Automation

No matter how complex or co-dependent your tasks are, we can assure you that they can be automated. Earn back your valuable time to focus on your business and leave repetitive and time-consuming procedures to our automation process.