Our great experience and proven record of past and current accomplishments guarantees the provision of excellent services in the field of digital marketing. Our team will help establish your brand awareness and create a trust-based relationship between your brand and its consumer base. 

Your digital partner 

We take great pride in providing our partners with reliable digital marketing solutions. Our team will thoroughly arrange every aspect of your strategy, follow a holistic digital marketing approach that is adapted to your business profile and make sure to enhance your digital presence and maximize your return on investment (ROI). 

Digital transformation 

Our services are aimed at the drastic improvement of your digital presence through the gradual enhancement of brand awareness, website traffic and customer satisfaction levels across all social media, which are considered to be among the most reliable digital marketing metrics. 

Our digital marketing services include the following: 

1. Digital Marketing Strategy 

While each brand needs to differ from its competitors, handle various communication channels simultaneously and discover several profitability perspectives, plenty of business sectors are heavily afflicted by market saturation. The orderly implementation of an effective strategy and the application of return on investment metrics are required to benefit from the internet’s unlimited amount of information. 

Our team, through mutual constant cooperation, will set the appropriate realistic business goals, so that we begin to transform your brand image accordingly. Through and extensive research of all market parameters, tendencies and competitors’ tactics, we will produce the right strategy that is adapted to your brand personality. 

2. Content Marketing

The consistent publication of high quality engaging content is essential for your brand to be established in the market and differentiate itself from the competition. The usage of such content will attract new audience while maintaining the existing one and augment your brand awareness. 

Our team specialises in the creation of various genres of content that are able to resonate with different types of audience. Whether what your brand lacks is social media content, content destined for blog entries or even an entire presentation, Pavla S.A. is highly capable to successfully accomplish your content marketing strategy. 

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the most modern way to build a substantial relationship with your consumer base, as it offers several options to share engaging content, provide your customers with constant support, advertise your products and efficiently promote your brand. 

Our team will design an innovative marketing campaign across all social media platforms, that will manage to attract your target audience. Our significant experience regarding the effective management of social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedInfor professional purposes will help us methodically capture your target audience’s attention. 

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely cost-effective tool to promote all types of businesses, increase brand awareness and dynamically establish your business’s market presence. 

We take great pride in our long record of successful email marketing practices implementation that resonates with the consumers to a remarkable extent. Our company offers a wide range of email marketing services, such as newsletter design and customization, content creation, campaign research and email segmentation. 

5. Contextual advertising 

Contextual advertising is based on the collection of internet users’ information and it is able to deliver outstanding results and make your return on investment skyrocket. Following the identification of your target audience’s needs and preferences, we intend to expose your brand message and thus promote your products or services accordingly. 

The information that contextual advertising collects includes users’ search terms, as much as each visitor’s recent browsing history. It is a complex process that involves various digital tools, such as Google Ads and Analytics and landing pages management. Our team will eagerly help you identify each campaign’s effectiveness or lack thereof. 

6. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing 

PPC (Pay-Per-Clickmarketing is a useful method to drive non-organic traffic towards your website. Combined with Google Ads, it will work wonders for your brand awareness, making  it maintain high ranking in relevant search results.  

Thorough strategic planning of each phase is necessary, in order to successfully execute a PPC campaign. Our team is highly experienced in building PPC strategies that will guarantee the maximization of your profit, expansion of your consumer base and enhancement of your brand awareness. 

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