With the proper telematics application and related equipment installed on your vehicles, you can monitor them in real time (24/7/365) and receive automated alerts.

Our company has over four decades of experience in the field of transport and has helped several companies to manage their fleets. Over the years, we have become one of Europe’s leading fleet management providers.

The application of PAVLA SA is available from any device connected to the internet, (PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone).
It is a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet management system, using GPS and GSM technologies. It allows you to have complete control and coordination of all your vehicles and drivers, to analyze and configure all routes through various alarms and reports, thereby increasing productivity, service efficiency and cost control.

Benefits of using our application:

• Checking the overall fleet routes
• Reduce vehicle idle time
• Immediate and fast adjustment even to unforeseen events
• Optimal customer service
• Increased vehicle and driver safety.
• Reduce operating costs and increase productivity

Our integrated fleet management solution (using the appropriate sensors and peripherals) provides real-time information such as:

•Cooling chamber temperature
• Driver or cab door opening
• Fuel cap detection
• Driver’s ID, (iButton)
• Vehicle’s data via CANbus
• Connection with digital tachograph
• Interface with temperature logs and refrigerants (Euroscan, Thermoking, Optitemp, and Carrier).
• Fuel consumption and tank contents
• Scheduling of pre-defined vehicle controls (service, driver’s license etc.).

Numerous reports are available, such as vehicle routes, stops, start and stop times, total stop / park / idle time and more, with the ability to export them to an Excel / PDF file for further editing.

Choosing a fleet management system is more than just checking your drivers. It is primarily aimed at reducing the operating costs of each business. By reducing fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, ROI is achieved through the first few months of using the system.

Call us for a free demonstration on your site or ask to try our app for thirty (30) days without any obligation.