Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles can be quite challenging at times. Fleet managers must ensure all vehicles are correctly maintained, insured, safe to drive, and ready for service. They must also ensure all vehicles legally compliant to travel in the European Union.

Pavla S.A. provides fleet management software and services which make fleet management simple. Our products and services can save your company an extraordinary amount of time and money, reduce risk, improve vehicles safety, and improve the lifespan of your fleet.

Our company has more than four decades of experience in the transportation industry and have helped countless businesses to manage their fleets. Over the years, we have become the leading provider of strategic fleet management services in the EU.

Our company provides fleet management tools which will help you manage common tasks including:

  • Fleet vehicle financing
  • Vehicles re-marketing
  • Accident management
  • Telematics
  • Risk management
  • Fuel management

Using our systems will minimise the risks that are commonly associated with owning and operating a fleet of vehicles. You will also enjoy improved efficiency and productivity, reduce overall transportation costs, and simplified vehicle management.

Our fleet management tools have been developed with usability in mind. Your team will be able to quickly find the location of a vehicle and its condition.