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By using a trustworthy telematics application and the corresponding device, installed in your vehicles, you have the capability of following them real time (24/7/365) and having automated information on them.
The application PavlaGPS can be used by any device connected with the Internet like PC’s, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.
PavlaGPS is a real time vehicle fleet operation system, using GPS and GSM technologies. It gives you the ability to control and coordinate all your vehicles and drivers, analyse and organize your routes and itineraries through reports and notifications. Thus an increase in productivity, service efficacy and cost control is achieved.

Application Use Benefits

  • Total Fleet Traffic Control
  • Reduction of vehicle inactivity time
  • Immediate and fast reaction and adaptation to unexpected occurrences
  • Best client service
  • Increased vehicle and driver security
  • Decrease of operating cost and increase of productivity

Our integrated vehicle fleet management solution, with the use of suitable sensors and peripherals, offers important data in real time, such as:

  • Freezer temperature

  • Driver door openings and closings

  • Openings of fuel tank cap

  • Driver identity recognition (iButton)

  • Data from the vehicle computer (CANbus)

  • Remote reception of tachograph data

  • Interfacing with temperature and freezer recording devices (Euroscan, Thermoking, Optitemp, Carrier)

  • Data on fuel consumption and tank content

  • Programming for maintenance, checkups, emission control permit etc.

A big number of reports are also available like vehicle traffic, start and end times of itineraries, inactivity, vehicle kilometre coverage and more, with the possibility of exporting them in a excel/PDF file for further processing.

WE can offer you ideal solutions, suitable to your requirements and needs. The PavlaGPS is completely customised and will offer you exactly the information that you need, from simple control of your vehicles to a complete Fleet Management System.

Choosing a fleet operation system does not mean a simple control of your staff. The main target of using it, is the decrease of company operational expenses. With the vehicle fuel and maintenance cost reductions, your investment is amortised in the first few months of the application

Comprehensive Application Description

Map imprint of all vehicles

With full vehicle data: in traffic, inactivity, speed, stop duration and many others.

Reproduction of itineraries

Selected reproduction for each vehicle for any period of time and stored two (2) year records.

Interesting point input on map – Client list

Input of all your client list on the map and issuing of reports regarding vehicle visitation day, time, duration etc.


Vehicle movement restriction in specified geographical zones and automatic notice in case of fencing rules violations.

Freezer temperature control

By installing digital temperature sensors in the freezer chamber, we have immediate information on the running temperature, as well as automated notifications in case that the temperature reaches exceeds the preset limits. Simultaneously we have the capability of following all the temperature fluctuations for each vehicle from start to end of all routes.


Creation and printing of reports based on kilometres covered, stops, inactivity, door openings/closings and any other data chosen for specific time periods.

The application, with many features, is also available for use by smartphones. You can download it for free from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Through the application you can see in a very short time the position of your vehicles, watch their track, get informed about the temperatures of the chillers, e.t.c. and get the notifications you’ve set directly.

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