We offer a wide range of ticket vending and validating machines able to fulfill every need you may have. Our Solutions are easily adaptable to any automatic fare collection system.

Validating machines available for:

  • Validation of simple paper tickets

  • Reading of contactless cards
    and dual function (validation of paper tickets and contactless card reading).

There are also vending machines available for:

  • Ticketing inside the bus with coin validator.

  • Tickets from the bus driver.

  • Ticketing at stations, stops, platforms by accepting both coins and paper money, by contactless smart cards and credit cards, giving change and having central remote management system.


Electronic bus destinations signs

More efficient than any other instrument that transforms energy into light, the LED (light emitting diode) is a semiconductor obtained with the same manufacturing technology as the silicon, analogous to the technology used to manufacture chips, the base of modern hardware. Being a semiconductor aimed to a specific use, the LED that AMELI SPA uses is the result of long collaboration with the unchallenged leader of this advanced industrial sector.
The great progress that has been achieved has been useful mainly for optimizing the most influential parameters related to the use of LED’s in the sector of destination signs:

  • Vision angle of 120° H and 60° V.

  • High intensity of luminous emission, higher than 900 mcd.

  • Emission of at least 90 % of the intensity of the entire angle.

  • A selection of stable color, narrowed to the most suitable wavelength of 590 nm.

  • An extremely low power consumption permits reduced operating temperature.

  • Longevity and constancy in time with a MTBF higher than 20 years.

  • Contrast: Contrast: One of the highest contrast levels present on the market.

  • Intensity: Predisposed for automatic control of the highest intensity of luminous emission, in order to optimize visual comfort, especially externally in unfavourable visual conditions that may affect the readability.

Variable messages LED signs

Ameli S.p.a produces a complete and innovative range of stationary signs for passenger information for stations, bus/trolley stops, public transit zones with high passenger flow. These highly effective LED displays with optimal readability are suitable for all distribution networks of public transport companies passenger information equipped with sophisticated AVM remote connection.

The acceptance of sign information from public transport passengers is positive and appreciated. Ameli has more then 50 years of experience in creating this range of products, using the most sophisticated components, tailored to the functional needs and design of its products . Easy maintenance, sturdiness, waterproofing, ventilation are some of the features that help create our high quality signs