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With the use of new technologies internet contact with the client is the main communication form for a company.

Online-Marketing is one of the most important promotion ways for a company on the internet and includes the use of many methods. Hereunder some of them:

Social Media

Today one of the most basic and productive ways of promotion is advertising through social media (facebook, twitter, youtube etc.).

The comprehensive promotion of companies and enterprises through social media is online-marketing’s big advantage that gives you the ability of moving large data volume. Thus increased product and services promotion is achieved, as well as targeted product advertisement, with low cost and immediate results.

PAVLA S.A. is actively involved in the field of communications. We offer integrated services in company internet promotion actions. We successfully use Social Media in favor of our clients, with the right tools and the promotion of ideas that cover all client needs.


  • We design the client profile in Facebook and Twitter.

  • We design your page on Facebook.

  • We achieve targeted advertising of products and services.

  • We propose intelligent solutions for promotion.

Contact us to promote your company through social media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PAVLA S.A. undertakes on your behalf all the procedures and operations needed concerning the structure and the content of your site , so as to make it as friendly as possible to all search engines. We construct or customize your site in a way that promotes the right key words, so that your site appears in top search engine positions. Our target is improving your site’s readability and client recognition.
Adopting SEO techniques is necessary, to achieve greater and more productive promotion of your company products and services on the internet. Most Internet data and information traffic is done through Search Engines. Excluding Social Media that might bring visits to a site, Search Engines are the main method of solving their quest for most Internet users. This fact applies irrelevant to what kind of site this is (e-shop, news etc.) Keywords are of great value. A targeted action on your site can bring recognizance and income, that proving to be another excellent complementary marketing channel.

Investment in SEO can have a very good return in comparison to other means of promotion.