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Newsletter marketing is a fast and efficient way of communicating with your existing and expected clients. The right design and targeted e-mailing of your company is a strategic method for the promotion of an advertising campaign.

Newsletters  do not only urge your clients to buy, but also give information on new products, special offers and company news.

Of course even though they appear to inform, they are basically meant to attract the attention of the addressee and lead him to a purchase or other transaction with your company.

Before e-mailing any Newsletter, a contact list should be created of parties really interested in getting information and news relevant to the products and services of your company, in a way that it does not constitute simply of a daily uninteresting bombardment of data, as most Newsletters do, that creates only resentment. The best way to create this list is to upgrade and list all data relevant to the address, e-mail etc. of your existing client basis, but also of any party that has shown some interest in your company. You must of course guarantee privacy of their private data.

Simultaneously to the e-mailing of a Newsletter you can post the same info to all Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, to cover all possible ways to approach your clientele through the Internet.

With the right Newsletter Marketing, you build relation of trust between your company and the client, that opens the door for future sales but also enhances your position in the Internet through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, thus increasing the number of your potential buyers.

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